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MIE and Maserati Club International Marketing

Now In: Maserati Club International


Maseratinet's Classifieds are a compilation of advertisements from Maserati Club International's Members (an * appears in the advertisement), non-Member paid classifieds, and classifieds appearing in other misc. publications, etc. Because of the lag time, some, many or all of the items advertised may already be sold. The Classifieds are updated weekly."

The primary benefits of these listings are to follow what Maseratis are being offered, at what price, in what condition, and in what geographical area. We feel this is important for today's buyer/seller, as well as from a historical perspective.

If you are selling a Maserati, we suggest that you advertise in as many places and as often as possible -- your local newspaper, nearest major city newspaper, trade magazines, etc. If you are interested in purchasing a Maserati, we suggest you look in the same places.

MCI cannot be responsible for errors in fact or content. MIE Corp does not edit or verify advertisement content and is not responsible for errors or misinformation submitted by advertisers. MIE Corp. recommends that you do not base any purchase decision strictly by relying on the content of any advertisement. Unless otherwise indicated MIE Corp. does not represent any automobile advertised. Please notify the Club office if you sell your Maserati. Ads must be submitted in writing. Payment must accompany your ad.

Advertisements placed by MCI members are welcome and will run free of charge until you notify us of the sale of your vehicle or parts. If you would like a photo to appear with your ad (in print and on the web), you will be charged a one-time $25.00 production processing fee.

The fee for non-members is $50.00, which includes photo, if desired. Your ad will run until you notify us of the sale of your vehicle or parts.

Click here to submit your classified by email.
Be sure to give your complete name, address, phone number. You will be contacted by the MCI staff to review the advertisement and to collect payment details if needed.

If you find that any of the automobiles in the Classified section
have been sold, please e-mail us so that we can keep up-to-date.

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If you find that any of the automobiles in the Classified section have been sold,
please e-mail us.


Value Guide to Cars of Particular Interest for June-July 2016
Contains Fair, Excellent, and Good condition retail values specific to Maseratis.



Maseratinet, Maserati Club International and MIE Corporation are privately owned and not connected with the Factory or any of its distributors or dealers.

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