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Maseratis wanted: Any model before 1980; 3500GT, Sebring, Mistral, QP1, Ghibli, Indy, Khamsin, Bora, Merak. From show condition to needing restoration.
Ivan Ruiz. 770-998-0923,


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Below are classified advertisements sent in by MCI members

Maserati Quattroporte AM330 Literature & Parts

My name is Fred Palmieri and my contact information is as follows:
Tele: (702) 273-0131   Email:

I have several new and unused parts available for the
Maserati Quattoporte III: No Reasonable offer refused!!

(a) Maserati Quattoporte Service Manual (From MCI)
(b) Maserati Quattorporte Spare Parts Manual (2 of them)
(c) Maserati Quattroporte Literature, bound (From MCI)
(d) Maserati 4 Porte Spare Parts Manual (Still in plastic cover)
(e) Masertai Quattroporte III (Ref. 13) Tech Binder
(f) Masertai Quattroporte Electric System Manual with large foldout Wiring Diagram
(g) Weber Carburetor Technical Information Folder

Custom Merak wheels 18" x 8"

These custom one-off 18" X 8" Bora/Merak wheels were fabricated to allow mounting modern ultra high performance tires on a Bora or Merak. They are made from 6061-T6 aluminum. The wheels combine both Merak and Bora design elements, add subtle tridents that become more apparent as you get closer to the wheel, and were also made to look as if they might have been offered by the original wheel supplier (Campagnolo).

The wheels have Michelin Pilot Super Sport Z-rated tires mounted. The Pilot Super Sports are some of the best handling ultra high performance tires available. The front tires are size 225/45 ZR 18, and the back tires are 245/45 ZR 18. The total diameter of the custom wheel/tire combination is almost exactly the same as the original 15" tires. The 8" width has the custom wheels/tires filling what would be the “sidewall bulge” area on the normal 15" tire. The shorter sidewall/square tire profile of the Pilot Super Sports eliminates the “sidewall bulge,” which eliminates almost all sidewall flex experienced with a 15” tire, which also drastically improves handling. The wheels and tires only have about 20 test miles on them, so they are still new.

Pictures of the wheels and tires on a both a blue Merak (also available for sale in another ad) and a white Merak are included.
The wheels/tires are located near Salinas, CA. They can be delivered between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The wheels and tires can also be put on a pallet for shipping within the United States or overseas. If shipping is required please contact me for a shipping estimate to your location. (The lowest shipping costs will be for terminal to terminal shipping within the United States, and port to port shipping for overseas buyers.)

The price for the wheels and tires is $8400 ($3,000 less than costs for wheel fabrication and tires). This does NOT include costs for designing, scanning/modelling, and CAD/CAM programming. If you are familiar with (or check into) costs to design and fabricate custom wheels you can verify these numbers.

Contact Mark Richards.
Tel. 703-822-1831

(VA) 11/2018


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