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Maserati Indy for sale.
1971 Engine 4.7 Early double binnacle interior - black leather - Automatic transmission - some rust in the usual places ie. bottom of doors and drivers side rear wheel well lip - runs and drives well - new brakes and exhaust and some new carpet/leather - new tail pipes and windshield not installed but included. $55,000.00 or best offer - car is in Redding Ca. - would like to sell soon - call for more info -
(530) 949-9619 Jerry 


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MERAK 'SS' 122.US *2166*
This numbers matching Merak has a factory installed SS motor (verified by Maserati). A complete motor rebuild and mechanical restoration was performed by a Merak specialist who has rebuilt more than 210 Maserati V6 motors. Numerous performance upgrades also reduced weight. (Estimate more than 130 pounds of weight removed.)

This Merak had 31,250 miles when purchased. After 16 years in a garage and without running the restoration began in 2013. Because of potential problems with original hollow exhaust valves, the motor was completely rebuilt (did not even try to start it). We intended to keep the Merak “forever,” as shown by the extensive work done to make the Merak a dependable car, but property we will purchase in California requires that we sell the Merak (and a lot of other items).

Motor upgrades/improvements include solid stainless steel exhaust valves (original hollow/sodium filled exhaust valves replaced), modern timing chains, thicker oil pump drive shaft, & other improvements that specialists in this motor developed over the years. The SS motor has the latest/best timing chain tensioner provided by Maserati for this motor.

The restoration includes rebuilt Weber 44 DCNF carbs, new clutch, euro headers, stainless steel Larini performance exhaust system, new custom double adjustable rear shocks/springs (original shocks/springs included), new front shocks, new suspension bushings, new steering damper/tie rods, new hoses (including metal pipes from the motor to radiator), a Pertronix high energy electronic ignition conversion, a lightweight/high torque starter, rebuilt headlight risers, rebuilt electric window motors (with brass gears), rebuilt brake calipers, re-cored radiator, and rebuilt radiator fans.

The LHM pump is new. The LHM system (for clutch/brakes/headlight lifts) was rebuilt. An all new A/C system uses a more efficient and lighter rotary compressor, a new dryer, and all new A/C hoses. Transmission was opened/inspected before reinstallation.

Common but hidden rust problems found on most Meraks (even in excellent shape) were corrected. Rusted metal in the gas tank enclosure areas was removed and new metal welded in place. The gas tanks were sent to Gas Tank Renu for refurbishment (at $450 each/$900 for both). Rusted metal at the front lower edge of the trunk (boot) floor was removed and new metal welded in place. Several pictures taken as the restoration was in progress are included and show this work. Body work was also done AFTER the coastline pictures to correct areas with paint bubbles. Pictures NOT at the coastline were taken after the last body work was done.

New components installed as the suspension, A/C system exhaust system, and motor were restored can be seen in the pictures. The wheels are the original Merak Campagnolo wheels. (A separate ad lists new custom 18” X 8” Merak/Bora wheels, with new Michelin Pilot Super Sport ultra high performance Z-rated tires and only about 20 test miles.)

Meraks already handle exceptionally well. With the suspension rebuild and custom rear shocks and springs, two specialists in the Merak with extensive experience driving many different Meraks both indicated this was the best handling Merak they had driven.

The Merak is located near Salinas, CA. We would need to schedule an appointment for pickup of the Merak (I am on the east coast). For overseas shipment I can deliver the Merak to a shipping terminal in Long Beach. Enclosed container shipping from the Long Beach to the UK is $1245. Because the Merak is over 30 years old in the UK a “historic” VAT rate of 5% would be charged and there would be no duty in the UK (there would be port handling fees of about 375 pounds).

Note: A scam ad for this Merak is on the “hotclassicdeals” website (priced at $35,500). The website was advised on October 31 that their ad is a scam, but it is still up. Be sure any car you are considering buying is inspected by you (or for you) before sending any payment(s).

The price for the Merak is $55,000, which includes delivery between Los Angeles and San Francisco CA. For overseas buyers the price includes delivery to a shipping terminal at Long Beach, CA for overseas shipping, and I can put overseas buyers in contact with the shipping firm with the great prices on enclosed container shipping.

I can also provide a contact with a shop that knows this Merak well, and can verify it is in excellent condition.

Please call 703-822-1831 if you have questions or need further information.



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