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MIE and Maserati Club International Marketing

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Maserati Club International Services

MCI is a service-oriented Club, professionally staffed and equipped with the resources to meet just about any Maserati-related need.



The Club's publication. Collected for its technical and reference value, VCM is considered by many to be the world's best automotive club magazine. More than 80 issues have been published. A Back Issue Listing details the content of each issue, listing the featured cars, special articles and the indispensable technical tips.

Refer to Club Publications on menu for additional details about Viale Ciro Menotti.


MCI Members receive a discount on MIE Corporation's extensive inventory of Maserati Spare Parts and Accessories. MIE stocks more than 30,000 line-items and millions invested in Maserati-only new and used spare parts.


MCI Members are encouraged to take advantage of MIE's technical knowledge and expertise. MIE has been dealing exclusively with the service, restoration and parts sales of Maserati automobiles since 1976. Much of the valuable knowledge gained over these years has been carefully recorded and logged for future reference.

As a member of MCI, you or your technician are welcome to telephone consultation with MIE's Technical Department. We do not profess to have all the answers, but we can help you avoid potential problems and solve many of your existing ones. This service can potentially save you hundreds of dollars and, more importantly, reduce the amount of time your Maserati is down.

MCI has an extensive library of technical specifications and procedures. MCI members are welcome to call for torque specs, piston and bearing oversizes, cam timing, valve settings . . .just to name a few.


As a Club member you have ready access to the extensive collection of reference material that has been cataloged for over 20 years. Refer to Technical Information and Manuals & Reference on the Maseratinet menu.


For a nominal fee, you may obtain a written, notarized appraisal of your Maserati. This is especially important now as the value of your Maserati is changing, both from an insurance standpoint and in regard to resale value.


For a nominal fee, interesting and historical details about your Maserati can be obtained from the Factory, such as original interior and exterior colors, original purchaser, date manufactured and other unique tidbits, such as fitted with luggage, made for a car show, prototype, etc.


In addition to localized events, the Club hosts Maserati Days held annually in August during the World's Premier Automotive Weekend on the Monterey Peninsula in Northern California.

We invite you to become a Member of Maserati Club International.

Joining the Club is easy. JOIN NOW!!

MIE Corporation

MIE Corp. is the commercial entity of Maserati Club International, dealing exclusively in Maserati since 1976.

MIE shares a 30,000 square foot facility with Maserati Club International in Auburn, Washington, a suburb of Seattle.

The valuable technical information that was gathered has been catalogued for recall to be used for the benefit of all Maserati owners and technicians.

Throughout the years, MIE has built an extensive inventory of Maserati-only spare parts, both new and used. In December of 1994, MIE purchased the complete spare parts inventory of the U.S.A. Maserati Distributor, resulting in an inventory of more than 30,000 line items and millions invested in Maserati spare parts. MIE was able to reduce the prices of many spare parts.

This helps ensure that your Maserati will live in splendor for years to come. Without this commitment, many crucial parts would become unavailable in not too many years, and the authenticity of many of the GT cars would be compromised.

Maserati Club International Members receive a substantial discount on many of MIE's inventoried parts. (Click here to learn how to become a member of Maserati Club International.)

   Service Establishments receive a trade discount.

   MIE keeps a list of recommended service establishments who are experienced in maintaining Maseratis.

   MIE's parts staff are knowledgeable and are available by telephone or fax to assist with owners or technicians needs or questions.

   MIE typically has a diverse inventory of Maseratis available for purchase, from pristine examples to the perfect project car.

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